How to Share a 360 Photo via Email For Free

How to share a 360 photo via email

Have you already tried to send a 360 photo directly by mail? If you sent it enclosed, your recipient only saw a distorted photo like the picture below. That’s because the original format of 360 equi-rectangular photos is spherical so you need to read it via a specific 360 viewer.

360 raw image
What a 360 image looks like when it’s directly enclosed in the email

But no need to worry about this, Panoraven ( yes, this website)  is a simple and free solution for this matter.  You don’t even need to login to upload a photo!

Step 1 : Upload your 360 photo

Upload your 360 photo directly on this page. This works with all 360 photos and jpg and png are accepted. You can upload by dragging and dropping a single photo or several at once (slider mode). When the upload is complete, you will have access to the 360 viewer to visualize your great photo. At this point, you can navigate the image in all directions.

360 image dashboard
The dashboard from which you can share your 360 image

Step 2 : Copy the link

There are two options to make it work.

  •  If you want to share it with your email client installed on your computer (eg outlook),  simply push the @ like the picture below. This will open your client mail software and will automatically paste the link to your photo in the message.
Push the @ button
Push the @ button to directly copy the link in your email client
  • If you want to send it via gmail or any other email app,  just copy the direct link by pushing the link button like the picture below. You’ll just have to paste this link in your message. 
Push the link button
Push the link icon to copy the direct link

Step 3 : Let’s send it!

It’s all good, you can now send your email. Thanks to the link, your recipient will be able to see your great 360-degree photo directly in full screen if he/she opens it from a mobile, or will have access to the screen below from a desktop computer. Your recipient will be able to navigate your 360 photo without any software!

Link 360 visual

That’s it, it’s already over! Now you know how to share a 360 photo via email!

Our flash tutorial

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to Share a 360 Photo via Email

  1. Upload your 360 photo

    Upload your 360 photo for free on Panoraven. No need to create an account to upload.

  2. Copy the direct link

    Copy direct link

  3. Paste the code directly in your email

    Your recipient will have access to the 360 viewer by clicking the link.

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